Nigerian Medical Doctor And Only Son Dies Two Months Before His Wedding In A Tragic Motor Crash.

Nigerian Medical Doctor And Only Son Dies Two Months Before His Wedding In A Tragic Motor Crash.

A medical doctor, Chidera Alexander Ifudu, died two months before his wedding in a motor accident.

On Friday morning, February 12, along the Port Harcourt/Aba Expressway, there was an accident involving his Lexus SUV.

Details of the accident are uncertain, but when his car drifted off the road and crashed, it was learned that he was trying to avoid hitting a pedestrian.

The deceased who worked at the ESUT Teaching Hospital, Enugu, is reported to be the only son of his father.

The traditional Dr. Ifudu and Judith Ogochukwu was scheduled for Tuesday, April 6, 2021, at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Independence Layout, Enugu, in Umuahia-South local Govenment Area of Abia State and the church wedding on Saturday, April 10.

Below is a tribute posted by his friend, Aguli Daniel Okechukwu:

Sundown and Dusk @ Noon:

Adieu Dr. Chidera Alex Ifudu.

(A lone son of his father)

What a cruel world we’re leaving in. How can someone’s wedding card be used to trace his remains after soul departure in a ghastly motor accident.

Brother, as die hard believers, even though it’s hard to believe and accept, we can only say Good bye with Prayers for God knows it all.

May God give your Dad, Siblings and other relations the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss. Our thought is with them. It’s hard to take but Blessed be the name of God on those who have faith in Him for he who have high Faith and Trust in God will always find comfort through the opium that sedates of our emotional worries and pains in the challenges life. God is Hope.

“For us the fortunate fast livers, the earlier we begin to have a deep thought on our lives with respect to death, the better for everyone.”

Dera May the Almighty in his unreserved Mercy, and means in which you departed the mother earth grant you a peaceful repose and give you a place in Elysium.


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