Finally Exposed! On Why Alhaji Kazim Adeoti Got Married To Actress Mercy Aigbe In Nigeria (Full Details)

Finally Exposed! On Why Alhaji Kazim Adeoti Got Married To Actress Mercy Aigbe In Nigeria (Full Details)

Alhaji Kazeem Nollywood movie marketer who owns Adekaz Productions & IBAKA TV, has been in the news all week after his new wife, Mercy Aigbe, revealed him as her new husband.

Popular actress Mercy Aigbe made it known to everyone that she is enjoying peace in her marriage to the businessman, just as she was celebrating her new marriage.

She wrote on Instagram:

“Alhaji and Hajia Kazim Adeoti, Still celebrating u my King! May u continue to be celebrated all the days of your life! Thank u for being my Peace, My Happiness, May Almighty Allah continue to bless ur path and uplift u beyond ur imaginations cc @kazimadeoti @adekazproductions.Tonight we turn up.” (sic)

New details have now emerged on why Adekaz married a second wife, 20 years after he got married to the mother of his four children, Funsho 20 years ago in the US.

Adekaz, a registered mortgage broker, planned to relocate to Nigeria to start a movie production company.

According to people close to the separated couple in the United States, the difficulty began with the concept of relocating.

"He arrived with his wife, Funsho, who eventually returned to the United States, claiming she did not want to stay in Nigeria." The marriage continued until Funsho, the wife, refused to come over, despite her husband's repeated requests. He told her flat out that if she didn't return as arranged, he would marry another woman. She didn't, and the relationship suffered as a result.

Adekaz, a good parent, continued to fulfill his responsibilities as a father by paying school fees and other expenses. Funsho would never be accused of neglecting her since she was the one who was insistent about not returning to Nigeria, according to insiders who spoke to Kemi Ashefon exclusively.

With a poor relationship, the couple realized that if the wife stayed overseas, their marriage would be doomed.

In 2021, however, Funsho returned to ask her husband, even persuading him to join her in celebrating her birthday. That was six months ago when they photographed the pair.

"However, Adekaz insisted on her staying here permanently, but she refused. He informed her he was going to remarry, and she agreed not to tell anybody about the surprise marriage to Mercy. Why is she blaming her spouse on Instagram and acting like a victim? Why is she demonstrating that he deceived her? Would she deny going to Nigeria and not communicating with her husband, who would ring her phone nonstop and receive no response?

Funsho is well aware that her spouse is a peace-loving individual who would want to avoid conflict at all costs. Why didn't she come back to Nigeria and remain with him?

Mercy and Adekaz did not start dating while she was staying at Gentry's place. So, why did Mercy send him a birthday greeting with the words, "Happy birthday sir," last year?

Funsho would have returned a long time ago if she actually wanted her marriage to work. However, she happened to be in Minnesota at the time. Their eldest daughter is enrolled in a private university in the United States, with her father covering the costs. They haven't abandoned their other children. As a Muslim, Adekaz has the legal right to marry many wives, according to reports.

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