I JUST CHOP BREAKFAST FOR EVENING! Actress Regina Chukwu Is Heartbroken

I JUST CHOP BREAKFAST FOR EVENING! Actress Regina Chukwu Is Heartbroken

 Popular Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu, has broken up with her boyfriend and promised to never post another man on her Instagram profile.

Popular actress Regina Chukwu requested her fans and followers to report her Instagram page every time she posts a photo of a man with a long text stating he's her word.

Popular actress Regina Chukwu later wrote in a follow-up post that she had accepted the breakup of her relationship and moved on, thanking everyone who had checked in on her.

Please report my page if I ever post about a man with a long caption stating he's my word. I only prepare breakfast for the evening.

BREAKFAST OR NOT BREAKFAST, WHAT DO WE DO???? WE ARE MOVING Thank you, my lovers, and for those who checked in on me, I love you, and for those who laughed at me, you will see me in your dreams all the time. Good morning, and best wishes for a nice day ahead.

Popular actress Regina Chukwu recently revealed that she has been suffering an undiagnosed illness for some time, which is the cause for her disappearance from Instagram.

Popular actress Regina Chukwu expressed gratitude to her fans and coworkers who had reached out to him via her daughter, calls, and messages in a statement posted on her Instagram page.

Thank you very much. IJN, nothing awful is going to happen to any of us. This article is to express my gratitude to each and every one of you (I can't begin to identify names right now), but I do see you all. I'm growing better every day (far better than yesterday), so please be certain that I'll be totally recovered very soon. Thank you all so much; I adore and value each and every one of you. Regina Chukwu's signature

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