Late Gbenga Adeboye Wife Remembers her Husband, Revealing A Lot About Him

Late Gbenga Adeboye Wife Remembers her Husband, Revealing A Lot About Him

 I still miss Gbenga Adeboye, nicknamed Funwontan, 19 years after his death, says his wife Lara. Lara, the late comedian and broadcaster Gbenga Adeboye, or Funwontan, has claimed she misses him 19 years after his death.

"I miss him," she remarked in a brief chat with Saturday Beats. He is sorely missed by everyone. May God continue to provide for his soul's needs. "

Mr Adeboye passed away on April 30, 2003, following a battle with renal disease.

The death of the artist had a significant impact on the entertainment business. Adeboye was a multitalented man who opened the door to popularity not just for himself but also for others around him. He was not simply an actor, a comedian, or an ace broadcaster.

Adeboye, who was born on September 30, 1959, in Ode Omu, Osun State, spent a big part of his life cracking people up with his rib-cracking jokes. Adeboye was a mysterious figure who blended a diverse broadcasting talent with music and comedy.

In the 1980s, the late comedian made a name for himself as the host of a popular show on the Lagos State Broadcasting Corporation called 'Funwontan Oduology.' His talent to imitate a variety of personalities was admired by a large number of admirers who listened to his radio shows on a regular basis before the emergence of social media. 'Alaye Mi Gbengulo,' 'Alhaji Pastor Oluwo,' 'Abefe,' 'Jengbetiele,' and 'Itu baba Ita' were some of his nicknames.

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