Mr. Emmanuel Sanwu-Olu, who claims that Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu is his real father, has brought the case to court after the governor refused to undergo a DNA test.

The young man has requested the court to compel Governor Sanwo-Olu to prove that he is not his father since he cannot continue to live.

According to a senior lawyer, John Aikpokpo, who brought the petition on behalf of the young man, the present governor dated and impregnated his mother, Grace Moses, while working at a private company in Delta State from 1994 to 1995, and then disappeared.

Emmanuel made the statement while addressing with journalists at the Delta State High Court 2 in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, according to The Punch.

His mother, who is from the Oleri community in the Udu Local Government Area, said she had him for Sanwo-Olu before marrying another guy with whom she had other children.

"An order instructing and obliging the defendant to accept and accord the claimant all of the rights of a son under all applicable laws, whether traditionally, statutorily, or constitutionally."

"A perpetual injunction prohibiting the defendant from further rejecting the claimant's parenting."

According to the claimant's statement of claim, Governor Sanwo-Olu had an amorous relationship with a girl named Grace Moses from Oleri village near Warri metropolis from 1994 to 1995, while he was an employee of a private company operating in Warri and its surrounds in Delta State.

Emmanuel alleged that Grace Moses became pregnant for Sanwo-Olu in 1994, with the defendant's knowledge and without recrimination from him, and that shortly after, the defendant left Warri, and Grace Moses has lost contact with him to this day.

Aikpokpo-Martin, who had filed a request to dismiss the case on the grounds that the governor was unwilling to waive his immunity, adding that he had also filed an application seeking an order compelling the governor to waive his immunity in order to appear for a DNA test.

However, the lawyer said that his client's only goal is for Sanwo-Olu to acknowledge his paternity, adding,

Lawyer said:

“nothing more to it.”

The lawyer also added that:

"We expect him (the governor) to do that if he is certain that he is not the claimant's father," 

"However, he asserted his immunity to say he is immune from lawsuits and is unwilling to waive it."

"As a result of that, they filed an application asking the court not to consider the matter and to dismiss it."

"From now until the next adjourned date, which is January 17, let's see if his conscience can be appealed to, or if he can bring himself up for a DNA test with Emmanuel." It does not have to be in the news. It is possible to do it silently. Nobody wants to make a fuss about him, but he has proven to be incredibly tough to scientific verification with the claimant"

"If it turns out that Emmanuel is not his son, he returns home." It's a really straightforward process. But if it's his own, the young guy will be relieved that he understands where he came from. By then, he has gained the strength and authority to join the Sanwo-Olu family as a member."


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