"Big Scammmmmmmmmer’ Mc Oluomo’s Son Blast Gbadebo Rhodes-vivour, Peter Okoye

"Big Scammmmmmmmmer’ Mc Oluomo’s Son Blast Gbadebo Rhodes-vivour, Peter Okoye

MC Oluomo's son, Idowu Akinsanya, popularly known as King Westt, has caused a stir on social media with a series of controversial posts on his Instagram stories. In one post, he criticized Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, who ran as a candidate for the Labour Party in the Lagos State gubernatorial election, calling him a big scammer. According to King Westt, Rhodes-Vivour goes by different names depending on who he is with. He identified as Patrick when he studied overseas, Chinedu when he is with the Igbos, and Gbadebo when he is with the Yorubas. King Westt made a jest out of the situation, suggesting that Rhodes-Vivour needs one more name in case he finds himself among the Northerners.

In another post, King Westt took a swipe at Peter Okoye, a member of the P-Square group, for his recent comments about Seun Kuti. Okoye had criticized Kuti for profiting off his father's name, boasting about how his father was a nobody but managed to make a name for himself. King Westt defended Kuti, slamming Okoye and others who criticize people for profiting off their father's name, questioning why Okoye's father could not make a name for himself.

In a third post, King Westt bragged about owning Lagos State and Nigeria following Bola Ahmed Tinubu's victory in the 2023 presidential election. He declared himself King Westt of Nigeria and boasted that no one could talk shit to him. He belittled Peter Obi, a former governor and Labour Party presidential candidate, calling him a boy and stating that he was smarter than him. He expressed confidence in the re-election of Babajide Sanwo-Olu as the Lagos State governor, despite the opposition from Jandor and Funke Akindele. King Westt also addressed his haters and affirmed his love for them, even though they had insulted his family.

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  1. That boy must be a fool. Who is he and what has he ever achieved compared to those people he's trying to vilify. He's certainly an idiot. He thinks he can ride on the popularity of his father to start ranting? Anyway, I can't blame him because the brains of 92% of Lagosians has been replaced with sawdust, so many can not even reason beyond their noses and that's why idiot like this boy will start making nonsensical comments about people who have achieved a lot in life. Yoruba say "O nto tan ni, odun eegun,t'omo alagbaa f'owo r'akara lati fi m'uko"