Here are 10 Things You Didn't Know About late Actress Iyabo Oko

Here are 10 Things You Didn't Know About late Actress Iyabo Oko

Tragedy struck the Nollywood community as news of the untimely demise of seasoned actress Odukanmi Kudirat, widely known as Iyabo Oko, spread across the internet, marking a somber Wednesday for the industry. 

Amidst the outpouring of grief and support from friends and colleagues, there are several intriguing facts about the late Iyabo Oko that may surprise you. Here are ten lesser-known details about the departed actress:

1. Affectionately referred to as Apoti Aje, Iyabo Oko, and Sisi Mama, she was beloved by fans and colleagues alike.

2. Born on November 15, 1960, in Iwo Local Government Area, Osun State, she hailed from humble beginnings.

3. Her educational journey began at Oke-Ola Primary School in Iwo, Osun State.

4. Displaying a strong passion for the arts, she once ran away from home in pursuit of joining a theatre group, only to be brought back by her concerned father.

5. Despite facing opposition from her parents, Iyabo Oko courageously ventured into the world of acting at the tender age of thirteen, joining Nollywood in 1973 through the Eda Onileola theatre troupe.

6. She rose to prominence following her notable performance in the movie "Oko," produced by the revered Oga Bello.

7. In 2016, reports emerged that the veteran actress, also known as Kudirat Odukanmi Oluyemi, had faced a medical condition. She subsequently traveled abroad with her eldest son for immediate treatment.

8. Recognized for her outstanding contributions to the growth of the Nigerian movie industry, Iyabo Oko was honored with the City People Awards in 2016.

9. Tragically, she endured the loss of her son, Tajudeen Akanmu, widely known as Koledowo, in 2008. He succumbed to an illness characterized by persistent vomiting and diarrhea.

10. She leaves behind a daughter, Oduola Olamide, as a testament to her enduring legacy.

As the Nollywood community mourns the loss of Iyabo Oko, these revelations shed light on the remarkable journey of a talented actress who touched the hearts of many. Her indelible contributions to the industry and her personal triumphs and struggles will forever be remembered by those who admired her. May her soul rest in peace.

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