See How Portable’s wife Zainab Responds to Rival Ashabi’s Marriage Prayers

See How Portable’s wife Zainab Responds to Rival Ashabi’s Marriage Prayers

In a recent development, Bewaji Ewatomi, popularly known as Zainab Badmus, has addressed the prayers made by her romantic rival concerning her marriage. Ashabi, identified as the third baby mama of the artist Portable, had openly stated her indifference whenever the singer showcases Zainab as his wife on social media.

Zainab, an upcoming actress, defended herself by highlighting the fact that Portable is already married and has multiple children from previous relationships before her involvement. Ashabi's concern focused on who would assist her in caring for Portable if Zainab were to be driven away, emphasizing that she alone would be unable to handle the controversial singer's responsibilities.

Referring to Portable as her husband, Ashabi expressed gratitude for his support, emphasizing that few single men would offer the same level of care and assistance that he provides. She confidently stated her happiness in their "situationship" and pledged her unwavering loyalty to him.

In a dismissive tone towards online spectators, Ashabi asserted her status as one of Portable's wives and advised them to allow her to live her life as she wished. She even went so far as to offer prayers for their marriage, showcasing her commitment to the relationship.

Responding to Ashabi's statements on her Instagram story, Zainab took a firm stance. She instructed her fans to refrain from tagging her in Ashabi's posts and urged them to avoid involving her in any drama. Emphasizing her fearlessness, Zainab made it clear that she wanted to distance herself from any unnecessary conflicts.

Zainab's reaction showcases her determination to maintain a peaceful and drama-free online presence, while Ashabi's words highlight the complex dynamics and overlapping relationships within Portable's personal life. As the situation unfolds, fans and followers are left intrigued, eagerly observing the developments in this ongoing romantic saga.

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