Liz Da Silva's Heartwarming Celebration: A Milestone as Her Only Child Turns 10

Liz Da Silva's Heartwarming Celebration: A Milestone as Her Only Child Turns 10

Nollywood actress Liz Da Silva is joyously celebrating her only child as he reaches the significant milestone of turning 10 years old today. In a heartfelt display of love and affection, the proud mother shared stunning photos of herself and her son dressed in matching outfits, while also showering him with powerful prayers and sweet words.

Liz Da Silva expressed her deep admiration for her son, referring to him as her better half, a person of immeasurable worth, her best friend, and an all-in-one package. She reflected on the past decade spent with him, highlighting how he has been a source of inspiration and gratitude in her life.

In her birthday message, the actress expressed her joy and gratitude for the incredible gift of her son, emphasizing that the past ten years with him have been the best ever. She wished her beloved son, named Momooreoluwa, continued growth in wisdom and understanding. Liz Da Silva also conveyed her belief in his future success and greatness, affirming that he will rise above challenges and achieve remarkable things. She expressed her appreciation for his exceptional intelligence and understanding, describing him as a caring and loving individual who brings happiness to those around him. Liz Da Silva concluded her message by pledging unwavering support and love, assuring her son that she will always be by his side.

On this special occasion, the actress extended her birthday greetings, affectionately calling her son "Sonshine" and expressing her love and blessings. She concluded her message with the heartfelt words, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SONSHINE," encapsulating her immense joy and pride in celebrating her son's tenth birthday

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