Queen Ashley, Brags and Sings Praises of Her Royal Spouse

Queen Ashley, Brags and Sings Praises of Her Royal Spouse

Queen Ashley, one of the wives of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, has taken to social media to express her admiration for her husband. She posted several photos on Instagram showing herself and the Ooni alongside their entourage during their visit to the United Kingdom. In her heartfelt message, Queen Ashley revealed that being in the presence of her husband brings her a wealth of experience and learning opportunities. She mentioned various qualities she appreciates in the Ooni, such as his generosity, humility, selflessness, and humanity.

In the Instagram post, Queen Ashley addressed her husband using affectionate names and expressed her profound love for him. She also offered prayers for his success and well-being, seeking the blessings of God and wisdom throughout his reign as the Ooni of Ife.

Moreover, the queen's post included a series of statements expressing gratitude and reverence to her creator. She referred to God by various titles, such as "Alasepe mii" (my Completer), "Alatilehin mii" (my succor), and "Alagbara l'orun ati l'aye" (Mighty in heaven and on the earth). She acknowledged God's supreme power in both heavenly and earthly realms, emphasizing the importance of living a life filled with humility, gratitude, and intellectual curiosity.

Queen Ashley concluded her post with a heartfelt declaration of thankfulness and appreciation. She showered her husband with endearing names and titles, including "Oonirisa Olori Alade gbogbo" (My Adorable Husband), "My Twinie," "My Crown Jewel," and "My Heartbeat." She continued with additional appellations like "Akande mi Ajiwe Fun'Osha" (Dagunduro Oko AFolasade), "Okirikiribiti," "Erujeje Adimula," and "Omo Arogunmasa." Queen Ashley expressed her desire for God to bless her husband with knowledge and wisdom throughout his reign, extending her prayers to encompass all his endeavors and the people under his care. She concluded by affirming her unwavering gratitude and belief in the divine blessings that accompany a thankful heart.

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