The Untold Truth Behind Damola Olatunji's Decision to Keep Marriage with Bukola Arugba

The Untold Truth Behind Damola Olatunji's Decision to Keep Marriage with Bukola Arugba

Nollywood actress Bukola Awoyemi, widely recognized as Bukola Arugba, recently announced the end of her relationship with fellow actor Damola Olatunji. This development follows a tumultuous journey that began when Bukola allegedly "snatched" Damola from his legally married wife, Raliat Abiodun-Olatunji.

In 2014, Raliat exposed the love affair between Damola and Bukola, shedding light on their relationship while Damola was still married to her. Raliat had returned to the United Kingdom after their wedding to assist her husband in obtaining a UK Visa. Upon learning of the affair, Raliat confronted the situation upon her return to their Lagos home in Ajao Estate, only to discover that Bukola had taken over her husband and their marital home had been torn apart. Despite Damola's denial of the allegations, their marriage eventually crumbled.

Bukola Arugba, later known to be pregnant with Damola's children, went on to give birth to twins (a boy and a girl) on January 3, 2015. Although Bukola's late mother, a devout Christian, insisted on a low-key introduction ceremony to gradually formalize their union, the couple remained unmarried but continued to live together as partners.

Interestingly, Damola's first wife, Raliat, has not yet agreed to a divorce and has reportedly moved on, currently dating a wealthy Nigerian who owns a record label in Lagos.

In a recent statement issued by Bukola's lawyer on May 30, 2023, it was confirmed that Bukola Awoyemi and Damola Olatunji are no longer together. The statement clarified that although they were never legally married, they jointly pledge to prioritize the well-being and welfare of their two children.

The conclusion of Bukola Arugba and Damola Olatunji's relationship marks the end of a controversial chapter in their lives, leaving behind a trail of speculation and questioning regarding their choices and actions throughout the years.

See Damola Olatunji's first wife's picture below:

Raliat Abiodun Sobowale

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