Funke Akindele Teases Fans with Possible Sequel to Box Office Hit 'Omo Ghetto The Saga'

Funke Akindele Teases Fans with Possible Sequel to Box Office Hit 'Omo Ghetto The Saga'

Popular Nigerian actress Funke Akindele has given hints about a potential second part of her highly successful film, 'Omo Ghetto The Saga.'

Funke Akindele took to her Instagram story to share photos from the first part of the movie, including pictures of Chioma Akpotha, Yemi Alade, and captivating fighting scenes that resonated with the audience.

While it remains unclear whether the actress has started shooting the second part of the movie, she previously confirmed that a sequel was in the works.

Recall that Funke Akindele had earlier hinted at 'Omo Ghetto The Saga 2' on Twitter in response to a fan's question about the possibility of a sequel.

The first installment of 'Omo Ghetto The Saga' shattered box office records, surpassing Kemi Adetiba's four-year record to become the highest-grossing Nollywood movie of all time.

However, Funke Akindele broke her own record yet again with her latest movie, 'Battle on Buka Street,' which surpassed the earnings of 'Omo Ghetto The Saga' at the box office.

FilmOne, a renowned film production company, shared the news on Instagram, emphasizing that Funke Akindele's only competition in breaking records was herself.

With 'Battle on Buka Street' netting 640 million naira and surpassing 'Omo Ghetto The Saga's 636 million naira, Funke Akindele continues to make remarkable achievements in the Nigerian film industry.

The success of her movies is attributed to the support and love from Nigerian audiences, and Funke Akindele expressed her gratitude to the country while looking forward to breaking more records in the future.

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