Funke Akindele Opens Up: From Law Studies to Stardom

Funke Akindele Opens Up: From Law Studies to Stardom

Renowned Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, recently shared insights into her journey from law studies to stardom in an interview with BBC Yorùbá. Despite learning law at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), she revealed that her passion for acting, singing, and dancing led her back to the world of entertainment.

Akindele disclosed that she pursued a law degree to fulfill her late father's wish, who always envisioned her as a lawyer. Even though her heart was set on performing arts, she studied law to honor her father's desire and later returned to her true passion.

While she admitted to not actively practicing law, Funke expressed no regrets about her legal education, stating, "I never regretted studying law because it reflected in my works." She pointed out how her love for criminal law influenced her performances, integrating legal elements into her creative projects.

Reflecting on her decision, Funke Akindele said, "Nowadays I have been thinking about it. I can do it." This revelation hints at the actress considering the possibility of returning to the legal profession in the future. 🌟🎭 #FunkeAkindele #LawToStardom #NollywoodJourney

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