"I’m Nigeria’s Most Hated Girl" Reality TV Star Tacha Reveals

"I’m Nigeria’s Most Hated Girl" Reality TV Star Tacha Reveals

In recent news, reality TV star and media personality Anita Natacha Akide, popularly known as Symply Tacha, has taken on the viral 'Of course' challenge. In a video recorded on the street from her Range Rover, she boldly claims to be Nigeria's most hated girl. This declaration follows a recent altercation with online personality Mummy Zee.

During the challenge, Tacha shares intimate details about her perceived strained relationship with fellow Nigerians. She asserts that the dislike towards her stems from her outspoken and intelligent nature, and she emphasizes that she cannot be brought down, even in dreams. Tacha confidently states, "I’m Nigeria’s most hated girl; of course, Nigerians hate me for just breathing."

Despite the alleged animosity, Tacha flaunts her achievements, showcasing her Range Rover and attributing her success to the negativity directed at her. She contends, "I’m Nigeria’s most hated girl; of course, the hate has only brought me wins while they keep crying."

Tacha also addresses the continued circulation of her old videos by Nigerian men and women, seemingly dismissing it as insignificant. She challenges the notion of disqualification defining her, asserting, "If God qualifies you, who is that motherfucking person who can disqualify you?"

She concludes the video by affirming her presence, stating, "I’m Nigeria’s most hated girl; of course, even in disguise, I’m known in the bank, in your streets, and in your brains."

The attached video provides a firsthand look at Tacha's full statement and expression during this 'Of course' challenge.

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