"I Don’t Like Kissing In Movies" Actress Laide Bakare Reveals

"I Don’t Like Kissing In Movies" Actress Laide Bakare Reveals

Actress Laide Bakare recently opened up about the difficulties she faces when it comes to performing romantic scenes, especially those involving kissing and touching. In an interview with Saturday Beats, she highlighted the unique challenges of portraying authenticity while maintaining professionalism in such moments.

Bakare emphasized the intricacies of balancing the script's demands with personal comfort, requiring a nuanced approach for a convincing yet respectful performance. Additionally, she expressed that her focus on professionalism sometimes made these scenes challenging, given the need for authenticity.

Beyond her on-screen challenges, Bakare also addressed the public's tendency to prioritize her professional life over her personal identity. She discussed the complexities of navigating relationships and finding true love, noting that fame and status often overshadow genuine connections. The actress highlighted the delicate task of distinguishing relationships based on her profession from those grounded in her true essence.

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