Mama A2 bursts into tears as Kunle Afod surprises her with 645k

Mama A2 bursts into tears as Kunle Afod surprises her with 645k

Kunle Afod, known for his commitment to the welfare of elderly veteran actors and actresses, continues to demonstrate unwavering support for those in need. Recently, he paid a visit to Iya A2, a respected elderly actress, and was deeply concerned by the conditions in which she was living. During his visit, Iya A2 revealed a distressing incident where a building collapsed, narrowly avoiding a fatal injury. This incident highlighted the urgent need for support for individuals like Iya A2, who have contributed significantly to the Nigerian entertainment industry but now face challenging circumstances in their later years.

Today, Kunle Afod made a significant announcement, revealing that he has returned to provide tangible assistance to Iya A2. He presented her with a substantial cash gift amounting to six hundred and forty-five thousand naira. This gesture aims to alleviate some of the financial burdens she faces and provide her with much-needed support during this challenging time.

In a social media post, Kunle Afod urged his followers to watch the full video of his visit to Iya A2 on YouTube. He emphasized the importance of raising awareness about the plight of elderly veteran actors and actresses and encouraged people to subscribe to his YouTube channel, Kunleafod TV, to stay updated on his initiatives and efforts to support the entertainment community.

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