"Which One Among You Have Eaten To Satisfaction?" Portable Mocks Nigerians Celebrating Super Eagles Win Against South Africa

"Which One Among You Have Eaten To Satisfaction?" Portable Mocks Nigerians Celebrating Super Eagles Win Against South Africa

Portable Omoolalomi, a rising star in the music industry, expressed his disapproval of Nigerians' jubilation over the Super Eagles' triumph against South Africa. He believes that amidst the celebration, citizens are overlooking the dire state of affairs within the country.

In his critique, Portable highlighted several pressing issues plaguing Nigeria, including deteriorating road conditions, environmental degradation, escalating dollar rates, and widespread hunger. He emphasized that while many Nigerians are caught up in the excitement of football victories, a significant portion of the population is suffering from hunger and financial strain.

Portable questioned the rationale behind celebrating sports achievements when fundamental problems remain unaddressed. He criticized the tendency to prioritize football over tackling societal challenges, suggesting that the same enthusiasm should be channeled towards improving the country's economic and social conditions.

The artist urged Nigerians to redirect their energy towards demanding accountability from the government. He called for collective action to hold leaders accountable for their shortcomings and to advocate for meaningful change. Portable emphasized the need for citizens to mobilize and actively address issues such as hunger, economic instability, and inadequate governance.

In his own words, Portable stated: "How many of you have eaten to your satisfaction? Dollar don high, situation no good, road no good, we have bad road and bad environment. Hungry wan kill us, so what is making you happy? You are shouting ‘Up Nigeria ‘, wetin go up in Nigeria? So make the economy dey rise dey go? Make hungry dey rise. What is making you happy? Is it the cup you want to eat? The energy you guys are using to do Up Super Eagles, why can’t you use it to chase hunger away? Don’t worry o, go carry your last card watch football. The energy you guys use to come out for football, use it to come out for government, fire them, drag them. Na so una promote Grammy, we didn’t win, now we are promoting football, May God allow us win it. Come out and block the roads, and stop sapa."

In conclusion, Portable Omoolalomi's remarks serve as a reminder of the importance of prioritizing national development over transient sporting victories. He calls for a shift in focus towards addressing the root causes of societal problems, urging Nigerians to unite in demanding positive change from their leaders.

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