"You're Doing Shit Online." Portable Blasts His Baby Mama, Ashabi, Days After Reconciling.

"You're Doing Shit Online." Portable Blasts His Baby Mama, Ashabi, Days After Reconciling.

Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, famously known as Portable, has found himself entangled in controversy after accusing his baby mama, Ashabi, of disseminating untrue information about his marriage.

Recent reports suggested that Portable's wife, Ashabi, had been subjected to physical assault by the singer, with circulated photos showcasing her injuries and accompanying screenshots alleging Portable's involvement in the violence.

This isn't the first time such accusations have arisen, as another of Portable's babymamas, Keji, previously leveled allegations of domestic abuse against him, leading many to draw conclusions about the singer's behavior in relationships.

However, Portable's wife, Bewaji, has stepped forward to refute these claims, dismissing them as falsehoods and attributing them to individuals seeking to besmirch her husband's reputation and career.

In response to Ashabi's recent Instagram post about embracing life's uncertainties, Portable confronted her directly in the comments section. He accused her of spreading misinformation about his marriage, highlighting that his fans criticize her due to her habit of sharing negative content online.

Portable wrote: "Na you dey post shit online that’s why my fav’s. No let you rest."

Ashabi's Instagram caption reads: "I don’t have expectations anymore. I just go with the flow and whatever happens, happens."

The situation has ignited discussions and garnered significant attention on social media platforms, with many expressing concerns about the allegations and their potential ramifications on Portable's public image.

After a recent reconciliation following a public quarrel, Portable and Ashabi's relationship faces new challenges. Ashabi's interview shed light on their love life, asserting her belief that despite Portable's marital status and multiple partners, she feels like his only wife.

However, Portable responded angrily, labeling Ashabi as just a side chick and reaffirming his commitment to his wife, Zainab. He emphasized that his wife has never confronted Ashabi and highlighted his children with other women, making it clear that Ashabi can never replace his wife.

Despite the tension, Ashabi stood her ground, emphasizing the importance of understanding in relationships.

The couple seems to have resolved their differences, with Portable publicly declaring Ashabi as his wife and queen. Their relationship, which became public after the birth of their son in June 2023, has had its ups and downs, with Portable even referring to Ashabi as "Iyawo Ile" last year.

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