"I Can’t Accept Roles My Children Will Not Be Proud Of," Actress Bose Akinola Reveals.

"I Can’t Accept Roles My Children Will Not Be Proud Of," Actress Bose Akinola Reveals.

Bose Akinola, a notable figure in the Yoruba film industry and gubernatorial aspirant for the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Producers Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) in Oyo State, shares her journey and aspirations in an exclusive interview conducted by Rukiyat Bakare.

Born and raised in Ibadan, Bose attended several schools before joining her mother's business at Bodija Market. Her breakthrough in acting came with the movie "Idunnu Okan," marking the beginning of her successful career in 1997. She credits Olusho Adeyinka, Kabikoss, Loveland, Alhaji Jare Shobaloju, Alhaji Akeem Ofale, and Alhaji Gbolagade Akinpelu for her journey in the industry.

Bose distinguishes herself by her respect for elders and authenticity, refusing roles that her children wouldn't be proud of. She recalls her most challenging role, which involved acting with a snake.

As a TAMPAN aspirant, Bose plans to establish an online TV platform for aspiring producers and provide support for elders. She advocates for government assistance in healthcare and the creation of a Theatre Village.

She describes her close bond with actress Rukayat Lawal, highlighting memorable moments in her career, including her first trip abroad in 2008. Bose credits her success to God and her husband's unwavering support.

Addressing industry challenges, Bose emphasizes that moral values begin at home. She expresses gratitude to her fans and advises upcoming actors to be patient, focused, and prayerful for success.

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