"I Regret Not Saying 'No' To My Ex-boyfriend, Ryan Taylor," DJ Cuppy.

"I Regret Not Saying 'No' To My Ex-boyfriend, Ryan Taylor," DJ Cuppy.

DJ Cuppy, the billionaire heiress and renowned DJ, recently shared her reflections on the past year, highlighting her struggles with saying "no" and the consequences it had on her well-being. She expressed regret for not asserting herself, particularly in her relationship with her ex-fiancé, Ryan Taylor.

During a public appearance abroad, DJ Cuppy revealed that her inability to decline opportunities and relationships led to one of the most challenging years of her life in 2023. She specifically mentioned her regrets about not refusing her estranged fiancé, Ryan Taylor.

She emphasized the importance of learning to say "no," acknowledging that it's acceptable to decline offers or situations that are not in one's best interest. Reflecting on her experiences, she admitted that she had overloaded herself with commitments, including a morning show at the BBC, DJing gigs, wedding planning, and studies at Oxford University, which eventually resulted in burnout.

DJ Cuppy's remarks come after her highly publicized split from Ryan Taylor in July 2023, merely seven months after their engagement in November 2022. She urged others to recognize the value of setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care, stressing that saying "no" is a crucial aspect of maintaining personal well-being.

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