"Average Nigerian Don’t Have Sense” Verydarkman Criticizes Nigerians In A Recent Video

"Average Nigerian Don’t Have Sense” Verydarkman Criticizes Nigerians In A Recent Video

In a fiery online debate, Very Dark Man stirred controversy by contesting the FCCPC's accusations against a Chinese-only supermarket. He didn't mince words, lambasting Nigerians for trusting the agency's claims over his assertions. The FCCPC had alleged discriminatory practices, including language barriers and non-compliant pricing. However, Very Dark Man argued that the establishment was merely an estate shop facing tax issues, not a full-fledged supermarket.

With his characteristic boldness, Very Dark Man criticized Nigerians' perceived gullibility, suggesting that true education transcends institutional learning. He also cast doubt on the credibility of the protesters who initially raised concerns about the supermarket's practices. According to him, they pointed in the wrong direction, and he challenged them to contradict his findings.

In a daring move, Very Dark Man dared the protesters to confront him directly, insinuating that their motives might not be entirely altruistic. Despite facing criticism, he stood by his claim that his integrity afforded him access to the establishment, implying a level of favoritism toward residents within the estate.

The controversy sparked a heated debate online, with supporters and detractors alike weighing in on the matter, further fueling the ongoing discourse surrounding discrimination and accountability in Nigeria.

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