"Jesus Is King" Singer Davido Teases New Music Aimed Wizkid.

"Jesus Is King" Singer Davido Teases New Music Aimed Wizkid.

Afrobeat artist Davido hints at new music on the horizon through his Instagram story.

He shares a screenshot of a recording labeled "Jesus is King" and captions it, "I'm overactive."

Netizens speculate that Davido's recent hint at new music, titled "Jesus is King," may be a diss track aimed at Wizkid, particularly due to his use of Wizkid's slogan.

This speculation follows recent internet shake-ups, including Wizkid sharing an embarrassing video of Davido apologizing to his alleged side chick.

Davido's consistent use of the phrase "Jesus is King" on social media has fueled anticipation for the alleged diss track, especially amidst ongoing fan wars between Davido and Wizkid supporters.

Recall that Davido previously criticized Wizkid, accusing him of being a woman beater and claiming that he had fallen off musically.

Fans eagerly await the release of Davido's rumored diss track as tensions between the two artists continue to escalate.

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