Iyabo Ojo vows to sue VeryDarkMan following their dispute and cautions Seun Kuti for supporting him.

Iyabo Ojo vows to sue VeryDarkMan following their dispute and cautions Seun Kuti for supporting him.

Iyabo Ojo has escalated her ongoing dispute with Very Dark Man, now involving musician Seun Kuti. In a revealing video, the Nollywood actress outlined the history of her conflict with Very Dark Man, particularly during the controversy surrounding Mohbad’s case and the subsequent autopsy.

Ojo explained that Very Dark Man demanded surveillance footage from Mohbad’s house, which wasn’t possible since no cameras were installed at the time. She also mentioned his insistence on a DNA test for Mohbad and his son, even though Mohbad’s body had already been cleared of essential organs necessary for both the autopsy and the DNA test.

Iyabo Ojo accused Very Dark Man of complicating Mohbad’s case to monopolize activism in Nigeria, suggesting that his actions were more about self-promotion than genuine advocacy. She emphasized that activism existed long before Very Dark Man and that she has been involved in the movement for many years.

She also brought up Paul Okoye’s role, noting that he had discouraged her from pursuing legal action against Very Dark Man on multiple occasions.

The conflict reached a peak when Ojo revealed that Very Dark Man accused her and fellow actress Tonto Dikeh of misappropriating funds intended for Mohbad’s case. Ojo refuted these claims, stating that both she and Dikeh used their personal money to finance the fight for justice, with Ojo herself frequently traveling between Lagos and Abuja to support the cause.

In response to the accusations, Iyabo Ojo announced her intention to pursue a police case against Very Dark Man, challenging him to prove his allegations of financial misconduct.

Seun Kuti’s involvement arose after he released a video supporting Very Dark Man, in which he argued that even older activists should be held accountable by younger generations. This support added another layer to the already heated feud, highlighting the complexities and tensions within Nigeria’s activist community.

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