Security Guard Turned Thief Busted, Giving The Beating Of His Life For Stealing Bread [Photos]

The man pictured above, is a Kenyan security guard, he was this week given the beating of his life after he was caught stealing bread from a kiosk.
The security man identified as, Peter Langat Kipkirui, who works at the GateWay mall, has been terrorizing the bread supplier for almost two years.

The owner of the Kiosk who has been suspecting theft in his supplies decided to lay a trap to get the culprit.
On a faithful day, the kiosk owner placed the crates at a strategy place and waited to see who has been cheating on him, but to his surprise, it was his watchman coming to steal the bread.

As soon as he had picked the loaves, locals emerged from on where to descend on him before tying him to a pole.


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