Nollywood Star Bimpe Akintunde's Co-Wives Shower Support at Her Wedding

Nollywood Star Bimpe Akintunde's Co-Wives Shower Support at Her Wedding

A touching video featuring Nollywood actress Bimpe Akintunde, widely known as Wasila Coded, has captured the hearts of many as her co-wives exhibited unwavering support during her wedding ceremony. The beloved movie star exchanged vows in a Nikai wedding ceremony held on Sunday, June 25th.

In a video shared by Akintunde online, the heartwarming moment was captured when her senior wives stood by her side, embracing the joyous occasion alongside her and her husband. The footage showcased a harmonious family dynamic, dispelling any notions of conflict or animosity among the wives.

Taking the opportunity to address any concerns, Bimpe Akintunde extended a sincere apology to her colleagues and others who may have felt excluded from the event. She clarified that the ceremony was primarily intended for immediate family members to meet the couple, as per her husband's wishes.

She expressed her gratitude to the Alfa community for their prayers, words of advice, and unwavering support as she embarks on this new chapter in her life. Despite the short notice, she extended her heartfelt appreciation to all those who attended the wedding.

The heartwarming display of unity among Bimpe Akintunde's co-wives serves as a testament to the strength of their bond and highlights the importance of familial harmony in the midst of joyous celebrations.

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