“My Son’s Death Didn’t Come From God" Mohbad's Mother Suspects Foul Play

“My Son’s Death Didn’t Come From God" Mohbad's Mother Suspects Foul Play

The unexpected and deeply lamented passing of young Nigerian music sensation, Mohbad, has left the nation in shock and sorrow, with fans, fellow artists, and the entertainment industry grappling with the profound loss.

As more information emerges about the circumstances surrounding his untimely death, Mohbad's mother has come forward to share her suspicions that her son's demise was not a result of natural causes but rather a tragedy cloaked in uncertainty.

In a poignant and emotional interview, Mohbad's mother expressed her profound grief over the loss of her talented son. She began by dispelling any notions of her son's death being due to natural causes, strongly hinting at a more sinister explanation.

She said, "My son's death wasn't a natural one; he was killed. My son hasn't known peace ever since he got involved with Naira Marley."

It's worth noting that Mohbad's father has previously spoken about his son's death, consistently refuting claims of foul play. In one interview, he alluded to the possibility of his son passing away due to an injection administered by an auxiliary nurse.

One of the most troubling revelations made by Mohbad's mother is the strained relationship between Mohbad and Naira Marley. Her heart-wrenching statement suggested that her son had been living under constant anxiety and stress due to ongoing conflicts with Naira Marley.

This disclosure has only added to the suspicions surrounding Naira Marley and the mysteries surrounding Mohbad's tragic passing.

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