Pastor Adeboye narrates how God once joined him and his wife to drink tea.

Pastor Adeboye narrates how God once joined him and his wife to drink tea.

Allegations of dishonesty have surfaced against Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), after he recounted an unusual encounter with God involving a cup of tea.

A viral video from the 2019 Holy Ghost service of the church, themed 'Swimming in Glory', shows Pastor Adeboye sharing the story of how he and his wife were having tea in Ilorin when God supposedly joined them.

According to the pastor's narrative, they had a pot of tea with five cups, and after both he and his wife had two cups each, he reached for what he believed was the third cup, only to find it empty. At that moment, he claims to have heard the voice of God telling him that when he prayed, he invited God to join them for tea.

Adeboye's narration includes: "I was in Ilorin years ago and we were having breakfast. There is a pot in which we make tea. If I remember correctly, there were five cups and my wife and I, the person who finished their first two gets the last cup. So I took one, she took one, I took one, and she took one and I picked the pot to take the third one and the cup was empty. I couldn’t remember when she took the third one. What happened to my tea? And I heard the voice of the Lord loud and clear and it said, 'Son when you prayed, you invited me to join you.'"

The authenticity of Adeboye's story has been questioned, with many skeptical of the idea that God would physically join a tea-drinking session. The incident has sparked debate and garnered attention on social media platforms.

Critics have accused Adeboye of fabricating the story for dramatic effect or to reinforce his spiritual authority. Meanwhile, supporters of the pastor defend his account, citing the belief in divine intervention and personal encounters with God.

The controversy surrounding Adeboye's claim highlights the intersection of faith, skepticism, and the influence of religious leaders in contemporary society.

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